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Are you redecorating or downsizing at home? If so, The Camel and the Bear Antiques & Collectables is the perfect solution for you!  The common misconception is that by storing old furniture, clothing and other belongings, you can relieve your savings account by not having to repurchase these items when — or even if — you need them in the future but keeping units at storage facilities costs you extra money. Prices can range from $40 to $50 per month for a 5 by 5-foot unit to $225 for a 20 by 20-foot unit. The Camel and the Bear has years of experience successfully selling collectable items and real estate. Our loyal customer base regularly visits our website looking for great bargains, so our inventory turnover is frequent and profitable. We only accept pre-owned items that are in clean, top condition, and ready for resale. Percentage is negotiable with scope of project.  

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